Quit Smoking Program

Ready to take the leap and finally kick that smoking habit to the curb?

Most folks take a swing at quitting 5-7 times before they hit a home run. But with a sturdy support system, your odds of hitting it out of the park quadruple!

My secret sauce? I help you rewire your brain, breaking the mental chains of smoking while also aiding you through the physical withdrawal symptoms. It's a two-pronged approach that guarantees success. In just three simple steps, you'll be part of the fresh breath brigade.

  1. Pre-session: We'll map out your triggers and stressors, equipping you with effective strategies to tackle stress and anxiety head-on. You'll also get a pre-quitting care sheet, filled with home and body preparation tips for your quit journey.

  2. Session: Through the power of hypnosis, we'll revamp your relationship with smoking. By the end, you'll walk out ready to breathe clean, fresh air. Plus, you'll get a transformational recording to keep you on track and smoke-free.

  3. Post Session: Three weeks later, we'll touch base to check on your progress. Any triggers popping up? We'll squash them in this session, reinforcing your newfound habits.

Throughout this journey, I'm your biggest cheerleader. Got an urge to light one up or need help managing stress? Just shoot me a text.

After a month with me, you'll not only be smoke-free but you'll also have a robust toolkit to manage stress and anxiety in healthier ways.

So, are you ready to breathe easy and start your smoke-free life?