A Proven Methodology

I believe that every individual is unique and deserves a personalized approach. That's why I'll work with you to identify your goals and curate a program that fits your needs and pace. We'll start with an initial meeting where we'll get to know each other, and you can tell me what brought you here and where you'd like to go.

Now, let me tell you about my standards as a practitioner. First off, there's no judgement here. I'll meet you where you're at and won't judge you for what got you here. And, you know what? You shouldn't judge yourself either! We're all on our own journeys, so let's reserve judgement for reality TV shows, okay?

Next up, there are no repercussions for your self-expression. What's said in our sessions stays in our sessions, and nothing will be held against you. I'm here to create a safe space for you to speak your truth and achieve breakthroughs!

Now, let's talk about unconditional love. You deserve love and support, even when you're not at your best. Whether you're feeling your ugliest or being stubborn, I'm here to help you grow and succeed. We'll hold you accountable for your intentions and work together to make your goals a reality.

Harmony is also a big part of my method. We'll have a dialogue back and forth, and I encourage you to let me know if something's not working for you. We'll create a relationship in everyone's best interest and resolve disagreements through open communication. I aim to work with you to create the best possible outcome.

Finally, honesty is the best policy. I'll offer my reflections, thoughts, and assessments in a truthful, loving, sincere, and kind way. Let's keep it real and work toward achieving your goals!