A Safe Space for Me to Share My Story.

“Working with Salina has been a true gift!

Her guidance, deep listening, and the power of hypnotherapy have added a new perspective on my way to vibrant health!

I’m not gonna lie, I was apprehensive at first when Salina mentioned that hypnotherapy could help with Crohn’s. I have lived with Crohn’s disease for over a decade and despite having a positive mental attitude and healthy lifestyle, a lot of how I was thinking and doing things was feeding the idea that Crohn’s is who I am—even if that’s not what I want! I noticed that I lost some faith in the possibility of healing my body completely of this disease. But deep down, I still believe it’s possible and Salina’s invitation to explore the hypnotherapy route opened me up. And I am so glad that I said YES!

During our first conversation, Salina created a safe space for me to share my story. While also capturing what I dream of and see as possible—to truly define and design living in my definition of vibrant health. She allowed me to share vulnerability while also making me laugh along the way. I left that conversation feeling energized rather than drained—as is usually the case when sharing about this sensitive subject (Crohn’s Disease). I felt inspired and looked forward to the hypnotherapy experience. 

I loved the hypnotherapy session! Although I was familiar with the field, I had never experienced it for myself. What a difference experiencing it is—I highly recommend it for everyone! Salina is the perfect guide and hypnotherapy is powerful! I surrendered to the process and trusted Salina fully—she’s easy to trust which is a gift in an of itself!

She recorded a personalized visualization based on our initial conversation. I listened to it at least 1x/day for 21 days and it was AMAZING! I still listen to it and feel my body energized—even if I fall asleep sometimes. Salina has a soothing voice and provides confident guidance that has lit up the cells in my body to walk the path of what I truly want for my future now. 

Thanks Salina for your professionalism, your guidance, love, and for bringing joy through the whole experience. I am so grateful!”

- Melissa

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