More Confidence & Strength

“My session with Salina was enlightening and empowering. I sought help for an in-depth look into why I was becoming stuck in accomplishing my goals. Despite motivating myself and doing a tremendous amount of work, I could not see what I wanted from my life. I kept repeating patterns that were directly related to my traumatic childhood. During our session, my subconscious mind was able to access deeply ingrained habits telling me lies about who I was and what I could accomplish. As a result of this session, I have been more confident and have found a new strength in transforming my weight, wealth, and how I talk to myself. Recently, I’ve reached one of my first goals and have shed over 10lbs. I have also taken active steps towards my long-term goals in reframing my relationship to money and success. I no longer feel what I truly desire is not available to me when, in fact, everything is available if I continue to learn and grow spiritually. Salinas 21 day recording reaffirms this each day I listen to it. I have finally transformed my beliefs which have helped me achieve the success I desire.”

– Rebecca

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